Local Recovery CHES Resource Partners with the community empowering the residents through placement options and opportunities utilizing the CHES Model Integrated Programs and Services. The quality of life supportive services will include an integrated management training model with specific community-based services for community living. ICAAPS has established the framework for person-centered referral and resource services with transitional care coordination activities.  This includes individualized assessments focused on the needs and preferences of the beneficiaries, engagement with state agency resources, and gathering impact funders. As we building our network of providers, we are seeking new and experienced community providers for possible inclusion in our pool of vendors who are already delivering or planning to deliver the quality of life resources listed below to the community. Careful consideration will be given to recognizing and leveraging individual strengths and addressing individual barriers and personal development options and opportunities throughout the entire training process.

  • Community Integration Partners (Activist Groups, Political Informing Groups, and Community Information Centers, Agencies and Organizations)
  • Housing Program Partners(Residential management plans with permanent placement in affordable housing)
  • Employment Industry Partners (Community Service Programs, Counseling, Coaching or Mentoring, Hands-on T&D, or Managing)
  • School or Educational Institution Partners (Trade, Vocational, and Biblical Degrees and certificates) or Development Health (Mental, Social, Psychological, and Emotional)
  • Places of Worship & Charitable Partners (Food, Clothes, Counseling, Training or Mentoring)

QOL Model