CHES Model


ICAAPS Pilot Program 

ICAAPS offers a 12-month disaster recovery pilot program to individuals ages 17-34.  Our integrated transitional care model includes community service providers and settings that will strengthen the linkage for the delivery of four quality of life (QOL) basic need resources: 

  • Community: Community Integration is a QOL necessity because individuals are allowed to be a part of an atmosphere of shared social behaviors among the members living in those environments.
  • Housing: Housing is a QOL necessity because everyone needs a safe, decent, and stable place to rest especially the low-income, mentally ill, and those with chronic health struggles. The plan includes experienced providers with package options for re-entry, relocation, and reintegration into the community. This segment is designed to strengthen the individual’s chance to get accepted where housing and rent options are available anywhere in the state of Illinois.
  • Employment: Employment is a QOL necessity because unemployment is one of the main economic causes of poor life chances. Equally important is the quality of employment (part-time/temporary contracts verse full time) has a direct impact on a person’s ability to survive in an environment
  • School: Education is the most crucial necessity because it measures the person’s literacy and plays an important role in how effective one could be in an ever-advancing world.  We take time to understand the individual’s literacy skills, strengths, and need by providing them with access to the following: GED, Adult Education, Secondary Education, Post-secondary Education, Apprenticeships, Biblical Institutions, Re-Engagement Services, and other Supportive Education

Structured and Unstructured Programs

The CHES model reflects the puzzle of what elements makeup solutions and how they could be harnessed to help those in need.  Community, Housing, Employment, and Schools are those elements that are delivered in a QOL Model.  Matching them up with people, getting referrals, and finding resources is what ICAAPS can put together!

  • Structured Program: Comprehensive CHES Model Reintegration Services with ICAAPS
  • Unstructured Resources: Parts of the CHES Model with resource providers


  • Referrals:First, we receive referrals only from first responders like federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, judicial branches, rescue task forces, special task forces, probational officers, sheriffs, state polices, security guards, and other officers during emergency disasters
  • PartnershipsSecond, we work with certified or licensed partners (community service providers) who are already qualified through local and state requirements to provide activities of service executions. This allows us to utilize an unlimited supply of resources within community settings
  • AssessmentsThird, we match the referrals using professional assessment criteria that best align with the individual’s transitional care plan and career goals for placement options and opportunities. This includes evaluations for education, employment, background, psychological, religious, and residential selections
  • ResourcesFinally, we secure funding to provide the individuals with the four essential Quality of Life (QOL) Resources to address their basic needs while in transition