Community Referral Partners (GSI)

ICAAPS referrals are made by officers only. However, we always need the community's participation.  Therefore, we have created a referral partnership program to help with funding our Quality of Life Pilot Programs and Projects. This program will allow residents, faith-based entities, businesses, associations, politicians, and schools to partner with their local Law Enforcement Teams using alternative and constructive strategies, tools, and resources to build and repair disproportionately impacted neighborhoods together.  To participate in our referral partnership program, please select the type of account below that best fits your level of participation and register using the partnership account form. Once you have successfully completed the registration, ICAAPS management team will contact you with a unique referral control number which you will use to help us find more community partners like you.  Just share the link with family members, friends and associates on social media and ICAAPS will track and conduct all transactions online.    


Global Student Investor Referral Partnership Account form

  • GSMI: GSI Student Market Accounts engage student investors in community funding with progressive fund-building tools for long-term financial resources after college.
  • GSCI: GSI Student Community Accounts engage student investors in community building with aggressive strategies for financial planning during college
  • GSRP: GSI Residential Community Partnership Accounts are designed to engage residents in the financial future projects as a residential family, block club member, or an individual account holder.
  • GSTAR: GSI Mentor Accounts are designed for mentors to purchase and/or designate accounts to the mentoree for GSI's financial resources.
  • GSCBR/LBR: GSI's Corporate and Local Business Partnership Accounts allow business owners to give educational development support to students who live within their service area.