What is ICAAPS?

ICAAPS crime prevention referral solutions and emergency disaster resource recovery efforts use funding strategies, solutions, and tools to help rebuild, repair, and restore the local communities. The primary focus of our goals and objectives is to provoke constructive discourse and dialogue through emergency initiatives by engaging residents, law enforcement agencies, judicial agencies, faith-based organizations, schools, and employers to work together and address factors that contribute to crimes, delinquency, and disorders within disproportionately impacted areas (DIAs).  Our resource partners have services that can be utilized before a disaster strike, during the disaster, or after the disaster at the point of recovery to address the needs of newly displaced residents impacted by fires, floods, tornadoes, mudslides, and other catastrophic disasters or those long-forgotten residents in transition such as the homeless, dropouts, ex-offenders, home electronic monitoring recipients, and previous sex offenders. ICAAPS comprehensive funding packages are constructed to bring immediate relief now and for the future with placement options and opportunities through what is known as "ICAAPS CHES MODEL" for community integration, housing, employment, and school enrollment. Local partner services are utilized to help foster atmospheres that encourage diversity and inclusion through neighborhood revitalization while enhancing the Quality of Life for all residents in transition.


  • Company History:  In 2014, the founder recognized the need to build a pathway to a better and more stable financial future for individuals in transition. The conceptual framework around ICAAPS was PARTNERSHIPS with community social service providers who would help with the “preparedness solution program” in disproportionately impacted areas.  In 2016, we formed another layer to bring a "response solution program" to fund community PROJECTS. In 2018, we formed a comprehensive "recovery solution referral & resource" funding model with PROGRAMS & SERVICES to focus on community issues. The Referral and Resource service had fully evolved into a preventative crime tool to work in conjunction with an emergency relief effort and to bring intervention and protective assistance through transitional and supervision care operations
  • Our Goal: To ensure essentials QOL resources (Community Integration, Housing, Employment, and Schools) are deployed to residents affected by recessions, floods, tornadoes, or other national and local devastations to help minimize casualties after rescue 
  • Our Mission: To help facilitate economic development, creative activities, and educational development in specific geographic areas before, during, and after a disaster strikes
  • Our Objectives: To use CHES MODEl to implement strategies, tools, and funding for crime prevention and emergency management initiatives
  • Our Referrals and Resources: Crime Prevention Referral Services with the law enforcement agencies empowering the community through local recovery rescue initiatives such as disasters, recessions, community emergency situations, or other events. Local Recovery Resource Partners with the community empowering the residents through placement options and opportunities utilizing the CHES Model Integrated Programs and Services